The Women Green Fellowship Programme is a social response to ending the problems of Youth Unemployment, Job Creation, Social Ventures Initiatives and attracting new Social Capitals to help catalyze a new breed of Social Entrepreneurs. These social will create Clean, Safe and Sustainable new businesses in the Green Economy while creating Jobs, enabling livelihood for the poor and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Modelled after best global practices and in its 4th season, the Women Green Fellowship Programme invites and galvanizes Unemployed-Active Business Women across the country to a 6-month Mentor-led Social Business accelerator program. Young women and professionals through the programme will participate, engage and collaborate to identify and proffer Social and Sustainable Solutions to various problems confronting the poor, our communities, ecosystem and economy.

The Fellowship Programme will be flooded with Business and Life Coaches who will uniquely employ unconventional problem solving ways to turning Ideas into Projects and profitable Businesses. With the growing increase in graduates unemployment and difficult/unfriendly business environment for Start Ups, Social Business Models tend to provide a mix of goodwill, stakeholder externalities, grants, inclusiveness and low-risk patient capitals for innovative entrepreneurs working in difficult regions and communities.

SMEFUNDS' Capital, working with financial Institution partners, Impact Investors and Venture Funds will accelerate a mix of Grant, Equity and Loan to help catalyze best Social Business ideas from the programme on a rotational basis. More than $2million in Impact Investment fund has already been committed into two (2) Clean Energy Social Enterprises in the last three (3) years.

While the program attempts to support Women Focused Green and Social Enterprises in Nigeria, it will accelerates the creation of Green Jobs for young graduates seeking professional career path in the social sector and willing to work as Green Fellows; empowering low Income households, marginalized groups, schools and businesses with alternative renewable energy solutions.

Action will be entrenched in developing capacities and increased support for small businesses that will increase access to Food, Shelter, Clean Energy Technologies and the adoption of alternative renewable solutions such as solar energy, Wind power, Bio Gas, BioFuels and Climate Smart Agriculture. The program provides solution to the power problem in Nigeria empowering homes, schools and businesses with new Green technologies, Advocacies and Clean energy rapid wide-spread in Africa.

The fellowship provides 6 months long fellowship experience for exceptional young Nigerian graduates matching them with challenging projects and enhance their Competiveness through world class training, internship and funding opportunities.

Why is this for YOU?
White collar Jobs are over!

Over 60 percent of Nigerian graduates within the past 6 years are unemployed and over dependent. An alarming rate of joblessness amongst the youth today has created a huge damage to the overall productivity rate since the human capital that should have contributed to the overall GDP of the economy are in total waste. The Federal Government is losing in excess of N10billion annually to unemployment as the number of non taxable citizens is on the surge.

There is a new economy doing in excess of 5.3Trillion Dollars annually and the workforce is extremely understaffed! The Paris Summit and the world leaders recently realized the threat of climate change and green house effect on our sustenance.

With the recent African Development Bank (AfDB) New Energy Deal and a Unified Climate Change Agreement being considered for ratification by more than 190 countries, more than $900Billion needed to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is expected to be fully harnessed by the teeming African Youth population. This opportunity for Africa to lead the Green Economy by linking both Human and Environmental resources to the growth and development of the continent will be unprecedented.

More than 1,000 private corporations and foundations across the world already aligned corporate strategies at promoting green growth development and others are engaged in several Green Initiative and Renewable Energy Projects while fast deploying resources to help safeguard the Earth and around the world.

The Federal Government and top organizations will be ready to create an additional 1million jobs by 2017 through the New Emerging Green Economy. While take home for graduates in this New Economy will triple any conventional job in Nigeria!

The GREEN Jobs and Projects
Fellows Will Engage In:

  • Advocacy and Sustainable Development Goal Programs;
  • Increase awareness for Energy Efficient Products;
  • Launch programs on Government intervention in Green Energy Financing;
  • Distribution of Clean Technology Products and educational material;
  • Engage in Fundraiser activities;
  • Introduction of energy saving bulbs in homes and businesses;
  • Performing Energy audit and Finance for Organizations;
  • Installation of Wind, BioGas, solar generators in homes and small businesses;
  • Organize Green Energy forums, Summit and Conferences;
  • Setting up of green clubs on secondary schools and university campuses;
  • Educating corporate organizations on solar energy;
  • Working with celebrities on green campaign to save the Earth;
  • Partner recruitment and cooperation's
  • ;
  • Facilitating solar open lectures;


The outcome for Fellows after the Six Months program will be;

a. Become a Green Social Entrepreneurs (Up to N1,000,000 Venture Funding Available to qualified Entrepreneur);
b. Become a Qualified Green Expert or Professionals;
c. Secure a Job position in a Partner Organization.

During the program, Fellows will be exposed to;

  • World Class Social Entrepreneurship Mentoring;
  • Unparallel personal and professional development opportunity;
  • Chance to intern with leading social enterprises and NGOs around the world;
  • Opportunity to Network and develop Social Business;
  • Chances to participate in full funded Exchange program abroad;
  • Training opportunity to become a green consultant;
  • Opportunity to Create wealth and Livelihood;
  • Link to International Travel Opportunity for exceptional fellows;
  • Oversee key projects that are significant to SMEFUNDS and Collaborators.


  • This programme is only for women
  • Undergrads/Graduates from any Nigerian higher Institution.

How to Apply

Step OneWritten Application
If you qualify, complete the program application and the fellowship specific questions. Submit these along with your most recent CV/resume (and, if appropriate, samples of your work) to fellows@smefunds.com on or prior to the application deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. The fellowship is free and no fee is required.

Step TwoInterview Process
Qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an initial interview with the HR Manager or Hiring Manager within 1-2 weeks of the application deadline. Unless you are located in the state of the position, this will most likely be a one on one interview

Step ThreeSelection
Candidates who complete the interview process will be notified within 1 week about the status of their application. Selection of Fellows will be based on all components of the application process, including the written application, interviews, and reference checks.

For inquiries or additional information, please contact fellows@smefunds.com

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