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Tip Top Environmental Apapa Grace
CEO/ Founder

Mission Statement:
Tip Top Environmental (TTE) is committed to creating a new culture of eco-friendly waste disposal in Nigeria, emphasizing segregation at source.
Value Propositioning:
For the urban/rural dweller (households, retail/commercial outlets, institutions etc.) who appreciates a clean environment, Tip Top Recycling (unlike the others) offers efficient waste disposal services at affordable rates.

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Home / WGF

The Tip Top Environmental (TTE), services include:
1. Waste collection/pickups from clients
2.Waste seggregation/processing and;
3. Sales of recycle waste materials to recycling companies.

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For further information contact us at:

Phone: +2348060176921 or 8134061354

We'd be more than ready to do business with you.


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