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Akinwale Ekundayo Akinwale Ekundayo
Architect, Founder, Development and Communication Specialist, Strategist, Social Entrepreneur and more

AKINWALE EKUNDAYO, is the founder and lead at Cheret Creative Company, a creative enterprise for creating sustainable value out of mundane and regular experiences; Stillvoice Consulting Ltd, a Brand, Design and Resource Consulting Company; Lifetree, a social venture which develops people for taking responsibility for change that is required around them; Lebana, an educational organization for uncommon learning and Rarebuild, a Christian mission for raising people to bring restoration and repair to lives, cultures, systems and structures; building God's kingdom on earth.

Akinwale, a graduate of Architecture from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, is an energetic, hard-working, responsible, passionate and educated Designer, Strategist and Manager; a Development and Communication Specialist, an Organizational System and Structure Engineer; an Educator, a Social Entrepreneur, an Architect and an Executor of Brands, Designs and Resources with keen quantitative aptitude and excellent ethics. Since 1998, he has been in the business of creatively improving people, processes and products (and services) for better effectiveness, efficiency and productivity; conceptualizing, developing, producing, managing and communicating sustainable value and solutions to problems in the world, beginning from the family, as a unit.

His engagements cut across almost all demography, from young people to older ones. He has, in the past, facilitated seminars and programs organized by and for Secondary schools, Universities, Religious groups, Community organizations, National Youth Service Corps and Senior Citizens in Retirement. His exposure covers East and West Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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