Announcing the 2017 Women Green Fellowship Programme!!!

We are super excited to announce our next cohort of mindful, passionate and ethical social change leaders: The 2016 Women Green Fellows.

This year, twenty-five (25) women have been selected from across the country to learn, take action and promote green jobs with 100% focus on the green economy throughout Nigeria.

Fellows from Bayelsa, Enugu, Oyo, Abuja, Rivers, Lagos, Delta, etc, will undergo classes, capacity development trainings, mentoring and in-depth coaching on entrepreneurship and green social enterprises through the period of Six months, which include monthly one on one sessions at the prestigious Lagos Business School, Lagos, while fellows will visit several sites, organizations, initiatives and projects in the country focusing on the green economy.

The 2016 Fellows will collectively solve challenges around the environment, health, and our society in general in a unique and sustainable manner which will in turn provide avenue for employment and job creations in the country.

Join us in creating the ripples that will extend beyond our community of Life-Long Fellows to the rest of the country and by extension the world, by supporting and contributing to the 2016 Women Green Fellowship Programme as we collectively take actions that will bring about sustainable development in our world.

For further inquiries, sponsorship or partnership, please, contact:

Coming soon: Pictures and profiles of fellows.

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